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headshot_smallerA Nevada County native, Shawna Hein moved back to Banner Mountain and started Blue Granite in August of 2013 after spending 6 years in the San Francisco Bay Area. Shawna’s main business is still designing and prototyping for companies in the bay area, including Google, Facebook, Intuit, Qualcomm, and The United Nations. She runs Blue Granite as a local side business.

Shawna has a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science from Oberlin College and a Master’s from the UC Berkeley School of Information.

Shawna’s twin brother, Jeffrey Hein, runs The Cell Phone Guru in Grass Valley, and her sister, Willow Hein runs Soil Sisters Farm, a Nevada City farm dedicated to flowers and greens.

How It Works

My process looks like this:

  1. Initial Strategy Session: We meet up for 1-2 hours at a coffee shop and discuss your web strategy. Things like: Who are you trying to target with your site? What are you trying to accomplish by having a web presence?  How do you want to present yourself? Based on this discussion, we sketch out a basic diagram of what the site might look like.
  2. Fee Agreement: We decide on a flat fee based on our conversation. This is the total project fee – at no time will more money be tacked on until the site is complete. This means that the cost of the project is not a surprise to you, and we both are invested in completing the site – you don’t have to worry every time I invest more time into your project.
  3. Design & Development – I start building the site based on our agreement, with emails and design iterations back and forth so that you can see what’s happening as the site progresses.
  4. In 2-4 weeks your site is done!

Not Sure?

Still not sure hiring me is the best option? I’m happy to give you a free 30 minute strategy session on the phone to explore whether hiring me makes sense or if there are other choices that might be the way to go.  Contact me to set something up.


Q: How much does it cost to build a website? 

A: Between $500 – $2000 depending on the complexity of the site

Q: Do you do work for trade?

A: Yes, if you have something awesome to trade, let me know!

Q: Do you use a platform or CMS like WordPress or Joomla? 

A: Yes, I use WordPress to build your site. This allows me to complete your site quickly as well as build a platform that you can easily edit yourself once it’s built.

Q: Can you buy the URL and host the site as part of your service? 

A: Yes.

Q: Do you create responsive sites (Do they look good on smartphones and tablets)?

A: Yes, most of the sites I build are fully responsive.

Q: How long does it take to build a site?

A: Typically 2-4 weeks



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